Arduboy balancing puzzle game

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Balancing Act

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Developer: Zachariah Falgout (RetrobitCoder)

Game Art: Zachariah Falgout (RetrobitCoder)

Arduboy Library: Arduboy2

This game can also be played by downloading Felipe Manga’s Arduboy Emulator and dragging and dropping in the hex file.

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What’s a person to do when given superhuman strength?

Join a circus and show the world your superhuman strength by holding up heavy objects!

The secret to your power is that you can lift anything as long as you don’t have too much weight on one side.

How to Play

Place objects on the platform and try to avoid filling the gauge bar up either all the way to the left or right.

You can balance out the weight on one side by placing objects on the opposite side.

The goal is to try and keep the balance gauge from reaching the ends by balancing the weight on both sides of the platform.


Use left/right button to move falling objects.

Use up/down button to fast drop objects.

Use A/B button to pause/unpause game.

How to Download


Using an Arduboy game uploader that supports .hex files, or any other tools that can upload .hex files to the Arduboy, upload the .hex file to your Arduboy.


Rename file from game-master to game or move/copy game sub folder then upload to Arduboy using the Arduino IDE.

Game License