Arduboy Game BitWars

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Developer: Zachariah Falgout (RetrobitCoder)

Game Art: Zachariah Falgout (RetrobitCoder)

Arduboy Library: Arduboy2

Play the game in browser.

You will want to click build and then the step(F7) arrow.

This game can also be played by downloading Felipe Manga’s Arduboy Emulator and dragging and dropping in the hex file.

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You are part of the resistence.

You must pilot your GRT-OE fighter and survive waves of enemy fighters sent by the Binpire.

The goal of the game is to last as long as you can and solve the problem in the top left of the screen to continue the game.

If you don’t solve the problem correctly, or get hit by one of the enemy fighters it is a game over and you will have to start over from the beginning.

How To Play

You must solve the binary operations problem in the top left of the screen, by shooting your lazer at the enemy fighter with the right bit for building the answer. The answer is built from right to left and position matters for the answer to be correct. 00001 is not the same as 10000.

If you get the answer wrong, the game over screen will give you the correct answer.



The GRT-OE can move up and down, and fire a lazer with the A button.

Press A button on the title screen to start, and on the game over screen to get back to the title screen.

Pause/Unpause the game by hitting the Left button.


Top left displays the problem you have to solve.

Top right displays your answer so far.

Bottom left displays the round number.

Bottom right displays if your lazer is ready to fire again.

How to Download


Using an Arduboy game uploader that supports .hex files, or any other tools that can upload .hex files to the Arduboy, upload the .hex file to your Arduboy.


Rename file from BitWars-master to BitWars then upload to Arduboy using the Arduino IDE.

Game License