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Banner image and lose screen by: LENZ

LENZ’s work can be found at:

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Developer: Zachariah Falgout (RetrobitCoder)

Game Art: Zachariah Falgout (RetrobitCoder)

Arduboy Library: Arduboy2

This game can also be played by downloading Felipe Manga’s Arduboy Emulator and dragging and dropping in the hex file.

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You are a field mouse out collecting food to eat, when snakes become aware of your presence.

You must collect as much food as you can and return home before you are bitten by the snakes.

How To Play

Move the mouse around and collect as much food as you can while avoiding getting hit by the snakes.

Once you’ve collected as much food as you can, return to your home entrance.

If you get hit by a snake you will have some time where you can’t get hit again.

Collecting 10 pieces of food will give you an extra life.


Use the D-Pad to control the mouse, and the A button to pause/unpause the game.


Top left displays the number of lives you have.

Top right displays the number of points you have gotten from collecting food.

How to Download


Using an Arduboy game uploader that supports .hex files, or any other tools that can upload .hex files to the Arduboy, upload the .hex file to your Arduboy.


Rename file from MouseEscape-master to MouseEscape then upload to Arduboy using the Arduino IDE.

Game License